Revolutionise your client experience with OffiTouch shelf spaces!

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Smartphones, tablets, connected objects… In the digital era, clients are more and more connected and reveal new expectations. In order to respond to them, all sectors have to take the digital turn. Pharmacies have to follow it, too. Today, as much as 62% of the French population are interested in connected experiences and services offered on the sales floor.

Why? To make the most of different offers: in terms of prices, choice or purchasing experience. With the digital OffiTouch shelf space, the digitalisation of your pharmacy sales floor takes on its full meaning and allows you to efficiently respond to new expectations of your clients.


A solution that suits you

OffiTouch Screen.

A single screen for pharmacies wishing to digitalise one or several thematic spaces in their pharmacy.

OffiTouch screen

OffiTouch Wall.

A screen wall for pharmacies that wish to take the digital turn entirely.

OffiTouch Stand.
An advertising totem, modern and mobile, ideal for pharmacies wishing to take the digital plunge with all agility.

OffiTouch, a collection of products

OffiTouch adds perfectly to your physical shelf space and can itself combine many product references. It allows you to promote and stage product ranges with strong potential or to display large products which you couldn’t arrange up to now.

OffiTouch, a unique client experience

OffiTouch allows your client to live a completely new digital experience in your pharmacy. It is flexible and recreational at the same time. Thanks to OffiTouch, your clients can find practical answers to their new expectations: find a product easily, be advised in their choices, save time when purchasing or even make the best of your offers.

Control your content

Equipped with a management tool which is connected to a large data base containing visuals, OffiTouch allows you to customise your digital shelves and to select products for display. In order to measure its efficiency and improve your knowledge on your clients, you have access to statistics on purchased and consulted products.

OffiTouch deploys those advantages for you

Source of additional entertainment, OffiTouch brings out many other advantages! It limits shrink loss and allows you to display shelves which are always perfect and where prices are updated automatically. OffiTouch allows you to show a modern and a different image of your pharmacy and surely allows to bring crowds to your pharmacy.

OffiTouch, the only solution connected to LGPI management software

This connexion guarantees you to be able to manage your shelf spaces easily and on a daily basis: automatic update of prices, integration of sales in your software and stock clearance.

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