Offiseen, video protection

Video protection for pharmacies

Offiseen, sécurité en pharmacie

Security has been for many years now top priority for pharmacies.

This fact has been proven by steadily growing numbers: pharmacies record an average shrink loss of 21,000€ per year and have been affected by a significant increase in malicious acts and agressions and this by 20% since 2010.

It thus becomes essential for you to ensure the security of your pharmacy, your staff, your clients or even your IT data. OFFISEEN is the video protection solution which allows you to respond to this issue.


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OFFISEEN, connected to your LGPI software


  • A true deterrent against theft: the shrink loss represents a loss in earnings of 21,000€ per year. The presence of cameras on your sales floor plays an efficient and immediate dissuading role against theft.
  • Security in your pharmacy: thefts often come along with acts of violence. OFFISEEN contributes to restoring a secured environment for your patients and for your staff.
  • Permanent surveillance: cameras installed in your pharmacy register nonstop, in the day and at night, all that is happening and allow you to have images and recordings of a very good quality; you can access your cameras from your Offiseen application on your smartphone or tablet, which is ideal when you are out of the pharmacy.
  • A solution connected to your software: with just one click you can access cameras directly from your LGPI (adjustable display depending on your choices) and your videos are highlighted if a specific event occurs (e.g. sales of narcotics, cash transactions exceeding 100€, etc.)
  • A functional and intuitive search engine: you dispel the doubt quickly by making a quick search on your OFFISEEN software which can be multi-criteria: by day, time slot or even by zone of selection of image in the video recordings from last 30 days (legally authorised period).
  • Alerts by email or text message: in case of intrusion, you immediately receive an alert by email or text message.

 OFFISEEN la solution de vidéo protection pour la pharmacie

OFFISEEN, la vidéo protection en pharmacie

High performance cameras

More than a search software and cameras management, OFFISEEN, which we wanted easy and practical/handy to use, we try hard/endeavour to make available to you an efficient technology and which allows to respond to video protection issues.

You benefit from performance and sturdiness of BOSCH cameras which respond to current standards and allow you to use a number of functions/functionalities (high resolution, day/night detection, 360° panoramic view) depending on your needs and budget.


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