Communication solution for your pharmacy

Generate additional sales with OffiMedia and add value to your counselling role by publishing targeted and quality health content!

Display screens located in your pharmacy catch your clients’ attention and make your pharmacy look more dynamic.

With the range of 8, 22, 32, 42 and 47 inches screens, the OffiMedia offer allows you to entertain your patients queuing time with spots from pharmaceutical companies, your offers, health information, advice or special offers for specific products displayed on you shelf space.

Broadcast the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

OffiMedia is the only solution which allows to customise messages depending on the patient or provided product.

Your pharmacy, your communication

It’s you and only you who decides on what messages are broadcast in your pharmacy. We provide you with videos, medical cards, visuals and you just have to choose those which interest you the most and add them to your broadcasting loop.

Contextual communication

Thanks to its connexion to other Pharmagest solutions, OffiMedia is the only solution which allows you to push information or targeted offers depending on the patient (age, sex, …), the provided product or your stock.

Boost your sales

Communication on the sales floor is strategic for certain products for which purchase decision is taken for 50 to 75% at the pharmacy. OffiMedia will improve visibility of your special offers, of your products and product ranges that you wish to put forward.

Boost your sales floor and your pharmacy

With videos, health advice, special offers, weather forecast, … OffiMedia is the opportunity to liven up cold zones, to capture your clients’ attention and to give a modern image to your pharmacy, your window and to your sales floor.

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