Solution for group purchasing and network managing

Global needs, simplified exchanges, common stock optimisation… to work more efficiently and easily with your fellow pharmacists, Pharmagest designed the OffiCentral solution.

OffiCentral, an online plateforme for managing a network of pharmacies, allows you to centralise data, manage group orders and to set up a common commercial policy with other fellow pharmacists.

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OffiCentral advantages

Global needs:

From a unique and shared catalogue, OffiCentral analyses each pharmacy’s needs and suggests a relevant order. Everyone confirms it, adjusts it if necessary and the order can be passed.

Features enabling to set prices allow you to adopt a price policy common to a product, product range or a catalogue.


Manage your purchases as you wish:

Delivery and invoicing can be individual for every member with products delivered directly to your storage space or global within a group purchasing model. You choose what suits you the best.


Intelligent stock sharing:

OffiCentral allows you in just several clicks to distribute your stocks between pharmacies and this according to your needs. You thus optimise your cash flow.


Instant follow-up:

In each pharmacy, OffiCentral updates the stock flow, prices and order status. You can check in real time your fellow pharmacists’ stock flow and ask them to help you out.


Follow and communicate:

You can oversee your activity thanks to the integrated statistics tool and communicate with your fellow pharmacists via a shared calendar and messaging service.

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