Secure solution for handling your cash

While cash represents almost half of payments at the counter, handling cash often means tedious controls and insecurity to pharmacies.

Directly connected to your LGPI, the cash pay point OFFICASH brings you rapidity, simplicity and security on all stages of the cash handling.

OFFICASH counts and controls in your place. OFFICASH brings a real service to your clients.


A better working environment

Your employees are no longer in charge of handling cash and save time in their operations at the counter.


Cost reduction

Your till is always right, no errors occur. Change and cash control are automatised.


Better service for clients

You reduce queues and your clients don’t have to provide the exact change any more: OFFICASH counts and handles change in your place.


Optimised security

The system is particularly deterrent and secure (antitheft device, armour). It lets avoid all needless cash handling and also detects false bank notes.

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