My Pilot

My Pilot, managing your sales floor

Analyse, Decide, Act

MY PILOT pilotage du point de vente

With MY PILOT, you manage your sales floor thanks to several key indicators which cover all activities at your pharmacy’s counter and help you set up customised and relevant action plans.

MY PILOT allows you to go through this process in 3 stages: analyse, decide, act, thanks to the use of 8 models dedicated to sales floors and available for consultation with just one click.

You analyse results for all listed product ranges, by category and by pharmaceutical company. You manage and optimise your sell-in and sell-out activity.


Manage your sales floor, optimise your merchandising

  • Manage your sales floor: with MY PILOT, you manage your sales floor and optimise your profitability with special offers suggested to you every month and that you can promote thanks to dedicated and customised materials.
  • Improve your merchandising: with MY PILOT, you have access to planograms and ground plans which are adapted to the news broadcast by your partner pharmaceutical companies. Every planogram is available in the form of visual aids, by categories or pill identification codes.

My Pilot, mobile and tactile

MY PILOT is a responsive application which adapts itself to the equipment used to check the modules. You can easily access your mobile MY PILOT application wherever you are, away or at home, from a touchscreen tablet, a PC or a smartphone.

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