Customer support

Ready-made IT system for new clients

It’s because we know that setting up a new IT solution might be a delicate issue, our technicians and trainers are available to you to prepare in the best possible way your migration to our LGPI solution.

Supporting you from the very beginning

  • Our local team proceeds with installation in your pharmacy in order to prepare the migration of your equipment and software.
  • To make your installation easier, your trainer sets free of charge all parameters necessary to your operations:
    • administrative parameters (company register, company identification number…)
    • operational parameters (commissioners, distributors, pharmaceutical companies)
  • You will receive a welcome offer including listing at mutual insurance companies and two half-days of free of charge training on your premises which will add to your general training plan.

D-Day – installation

  • Transfert of your data (client files, prescribers, paying authorities, funds, inventory…) is carried out in the morning so that your pharmacy team can resume activities in the afternoon.
  • A technician and a trainer are present during the entire setup period in order to guarantee its most efficient installation.

Post-installation support

  • In order to receive the entire team’s assent to the software and its good handling, you are supported by your trainer during several half-days, before and after your installation.
  • On the day following your installation, your trainer is also present on your premises to guide you.
  • You are identified as a « new client » within our telephone customer support.
  • Finally, to complete your learning period, you can, as well as members of your team, participate in our free university sessions which are run regularly in your region in order to allow you to improve your knowledge and to have a good command of new features of your software.

Day-to-day support for all clients

Pharmagest customer area

To allow you to access all the information or to contact us, we designed a Customer Area which responds to your needs:


You have online access to your invoices, detailed information on your payments and you can follow the resolution of your incidents.


Inform us about all changes in your pharmacy and contact the accounting or sales department at any time.


From your tablet or smartphone, you can access your customer area, manage your direct debits for each pharmacy, track your consumption, control your backup.

Pharmagest central purchasing agency

In order to allow you to place your orders easily, use our central purchasing agency:


Consumables corresponding to your equipment configuration are pre-selected on your connection.


Delivery is guaranteed under 48h.


You obtain preferential rates and can regularly taka advantage from our special offers.

Pharmagest client support

Read in detail about Pharmagest telephone and online assistance under the section « Support Certified by NF » (French Standards Authority).