New technologies in service of health

With more than 900 employees, Pharmagest Group has considerable expertise in all IT and High Tech fields related to Health and in specialised fields which are associated to it: IT for pharmacies, solutions for e-Health, solutions for pharmaceutical industry, solutions for patients… These fields are divided into 4 Divisions and are accompanied by all transversal support functions essential to a large IT group.

PHARMAGEST Group organisation chart as established on March 31, 2016

Member of the Pharmacists’ Cooperative

PHARMAGEST is owned for the most part by the Welcoop Cooperative.

The Welcoop Cooperative is a unique health actor which brings together all fields of expertise to be as close as possible to patients thanks to pharmacies, true health coordinators.

All of its teams act as spokespeople for its social vision and responsibility which make out of each member of staff and of each partner true citizens advocating health and well-being for all.

What results from this original specificity for PHARMAGEST is that the clients of the Group can also take stakes in this same Group. The advantage of such a formula is a strong proximity with pharmacists which allows to have a better vision, to anticipate the distribution of the turnover according to the evolutions of the pharmacy sector and to develop tools necessary to accompany pharmacists.


Patients at the heart of the new French health system

Because we don’t live today as we lived in previous decades, our health system was reassessed and reorganised in order to address new issues properly.

The latest 2015 report issued by DRESS (Directory for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics of the French Health Ministry) on the health condition of the French population shows that the French are in general in better health than their European neighbours. But they also have to face three major health issues:

  • Increase in life expectancy: the French live longer and their life expectancy, which is one of the highest in Europe, calls for adapted care.
  • Spread of chronic diseases: if the French live longer, they suffer more often from chronic diseases, which is a direct consequence of the ageing of the population.
  • Social inequalities have a large impact on health condition of the population. Between 2002 and 2012 expenses that patients had to bear kept increasing and medical deserts spread around the territory.

This new collective strategic assessment, initiated in 2013 by Mrs Marisol TOURAINE, the Minister for Social Affairs and Health, led to the « law on modernisation of the health system » dated January 29, 2016. This law allows to start the necessary modernisation of our health system by taking into consideration three main aspects:

  • Reinforcement of the prevention (in particular thanks to innovation and new technologies).
  • Patient-oriented care coordination and the guarantee of equal access to care (followed by opening up of the specialist health sector and the necessary coordination of all care professionals).
  • Better information and improved patients’ rights.


Tomorrow, all health professionals will have to be patient-oriented by interconnecting and coordinating their work together. Yet, this plan can only work with efficient IT systems. And, out of all French health professionals, its the pharmacists who have the most efficient IT networks. This is why a « new pharmacy » takes shape in this environment. The strategic evolution of the PHARMAGEST Group reflects this transformation of the health system which becomes patient-centred:

  • Accompany pharmacists in the compliance management of the sick.
  • Develop New Technologies and digital awareness by means of connected objects allowing to guide the sick until they return home.

This patient-oriented strategy of innovation allows PHARMAGEST Group to position itself as a structuring partner for pharmacists, health professionals, pharmaceutical industry, private contributors and authorities.

What is at stake with the connected health: the PHARMAGEST Group is an actor of that revolution who is able to respond, thanks to investment and acquisition of unique and global know-how, to issues of the connected health market which are « Patient-Centred »:

  • Fight against the loss of autonomy and manage the growing issue of maintaining seniors at home.
  • Guarantee IT processing of the data collected through connected objects in order to make a diagnosis and to anticipate the evolution of patients’ health condition thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Aujourd’hui, le Groupe concrétise son offre d’accompagnement des professionnels de santé au-delà de son périmètre actuel (pharmacie et EHPAD) jusqu’au domicile du patient avec DICSIT INFORMATIQUE (acquisition par MALTA INFORMATIQUE) au travers de 4 nouveaux marchés :

Today, the Group brings about its offer to accompany health professionals until patients’ homes and goes beyond its current scope (pharmacy and nursing homes) with DICSIT INFORMATIQUE (acquired by MALTA INFORMATIQUE) through 4 new markets:

  • Home medical care.
  • Home nursing care services.
  • Local centre for information and coordination for elderly people.
  • Polyvalent Aid and Home Care Services.