Pharmagest Interactive General Management focuses on strategy and monitoring of the company.

It is structured around the Financial and Social Management Board dealing with global strategy thinking and is supported in its management by Management Committees in charge of our different activities and Steering Committees working in the project mode.

The Financial and Social Management Board’s mission is to analyse company’s general policy and the company strategy as well as the financial impact of undertaken decisions on company’s results.

Each Activity (Operational Activities: Pharmacy France, Pharmacy Belgium and Luxembourg, Retirement Homes and R&D Activities) of the Pharmagest Group has its own Board of Directors. They are in charge of implementing the strategy of the Pharmagest Group and, in particular, its decisions on different activities.


In addition, the company has opted for a transversal working method which allows to bring together, project by project, a representative of each service participating in the project from the very first ideas until it attains sustainability and this under relevant Steering Committees.

Dominique pautrat

Dominique PAUTRAT

Managing Director

Denis supplisson


Deputy Managing Director &
Director of Pharmacy Europe Division

Thierry ponnelle


Deputy Managing Director &
Sales Strategy Director

dominique goursaud

Dominique GOURSAUD

Pharmacy France Section Director

Jean-Yves SAMSON

Jean-Yves SAMSON

Director of Finance and Administration

Rodolphe Zimmer

Rodolphe ZIMMER

HR Director

yannis nahal

Yannis NAHAL

e-Health Solutions Division Director

Liza Nathan


Directeur Activité Laboratoires

Erwan Salque


e-Patients Section Director