Dear Shareholder,
At the beginning of September, during a financial information meeting, we presented our Group’s half-yearly results as at 30 June 2016. Every year, investors, analysts and journalists come to our meetings in ever increasing numbers during these presentations, in order to understand our strategy and our markets better.
We have also talked with European institutional investors at individual interviews during the Paris Large and Midcap Event on 5th and 6th October last in order to present the Group’s news to them, comment to them on our very good half-yearly results and present our strategy for growth and our view of the future.
In business terms, this 1st half was very positive. This is how the Pharmacie Europe Solutions Division posted recurring sales up by 2.7%. The Solutions Division for health and medico-social institutions announced an increase in equipped sites (installed base of 1,475 institutions) with 136 new customers for the 1st half, up by 26% compared with the first half 2015.
Since the start of the year, it is worth noting that we have signed major new hospital counts, including two contracts for hospital organisations with more than 500 beds (gerontological network and EHPAD). Winning these accounts has confirmed MALTA INFORMATIQUES’s level of expertise and its ability to complete complex projects.
The e-Santé Solutions Division posted sales of €4.71M, up by 66.84%, which accounts for 7.42% of the Group’s total sales over this first half of 2016. Finally, the Fintech Division posted sales of €4.25M over this first half, which accounts for 6.70% of the Group’s
total sales. Formed in 2015, this Division brings together the NANCEO subsidiary’s businesses. After an encouraging first quarter (sales of €1.68M), the second quarter confirmed the excellent performance of this new Division (sales of €2.58M), which also means quickly proposing the use of its goods and services financing market beyond the French market alone, while developing its partnerships internationally.
As you can observe, the performance of the growth businesses – the Solutions Divisions for health and medico-social institutions and e-Santé Solutions – has confirmed the consistency of our diversification strategy.
These developments and the soundness of our financial structure have given us the room for movement needed to sustain our organic growth by targeted acquisitions, such as those of NOVIATEK or DICSIT INFORMATIQUE, which we have presented to you in the pages which follow. Beyond enhancing our leadership on our various markets, we have also confirmed yet again our outlook of profitable growth for the years to come.

Dominique Pautrat, CEO