carre11 Confidentiality statement

This confidentiality statement only concerns Pharmagest Interactive, its websites and applications. By sharing with us your information, we commit to offer you the quality of service which corresponds to your expectations, whether it comes to contents, administration or sharing.

On this page, you will find information about:

  • cookies (data trackers),
  • collected data and how it is used,
  • your browsing parameters.

Our concern is to remain transparent, this is why we explain below in detail what « cookie » means, as it is necessary to the right understanding of the present document.


22 Cookies and external links

Cookies are small text files saved by a website on your hard disk. They allow websites to operate properly and to collect data on your online activity.

In particular, they allow to record your preferences, your parameters and IDs or even to save your online purchases in your cart. Their aim is to make your web browsing activity easier over time. There are different types of cookies (the list below contains only a few examples):

  • Cookies used for targeted marketing: they allow to suggest to the user a targeted commercial content depending on their interests. They also allow to limit the number of displayed ads.
  • Cookies for measuring audience: the aim of those cookies is to help us to improve the user experience by helping us to understand how users interact with our websites (the most frequently visited sites or applications used…).
  • Cookies for sharing on social networks: those cookies, issued by third parties, allow you, through share buttons, to make others find out more about the content of our website as well as your opinion on it. The social network that provides such type of application buttons is likely to identify you thanks to this button even if you hadn’t clicked on it when visiting our website.
    Actually, some cookies enable those social networks to track your web browsing activity on our website as long as your account for this social network is activated on your equipment while you browse our website.We have no control over the practices adopted by social networks to collect information relative to your browsing on our website. We kindly invite you to read the personal data protection policies of those social networks.
    Thus, you should be able to choose your confidentiality parameters on those social networks, in particular by setting parameters for your user account for each of those networks.
    We can suggest on our websites ads or links to third party websites which can collect your personal data when you click on those links.
    Pharmagest Interactive cannot be held responsible for their policy on personal data collection and their use.


33 Collected data

Pharmagest collects all types of information in order to operate efficiently and to provide you with the best products, services and experience ever. When you fill in a form on our website, we collect the following information:

  • your email address
  • your names and first names
  • your sex
  • the name of your pharmacy or the name of your company
  • your postal code
  • your city
  • your region
  • your telephone number
  • your interests
  • information related to your request


44 Data use

We also use your personal data with your consent. You give permission to Pharmagest to share your data with its subsidiaries and providers.

Data collected in the forms on our website is saved by Pharmagest in a computer file in order to inform the netsurfer, market our sales offers, in particular by producing newsletters or emailing campaigns or to respond to their questions.
This data is stored unless you use your right to withdraw and it is intended for the Pharmagest marketing department.

In compliance with the « IT and liberties » law, you can exert your right to access the data collected on you and modify it by contacting our IT and liberties correspondent at

If you wish to oppose to cold calling, you can subscribe to the list, called Bloctel, allowing to do so under the following address:


carre11 Browser confidentiality parameters

You have the possibility, at any time, to modify your confidentiality parameters and to disable your cookies. In order to do so, you just need to follow the instructions related to your browser:

Internet Explorer – Browser commands to disable cookies

  • Clic on Tools, then choose Internet Options.
  • Clic on Confidentiality tab at the top of the window.
  • Place your cursor at the top or at the bottom in order to select rules to apply to cookies you wish to disable.

It is to be noted that if you disable cookies, you risk not to be able to connect yourself or to use other interactive functions which need cookies.


Internet Explorer – Browser commands to delete cookies

If you accept cookies, you can delete them later. For example, in Internet Explorer 11, you can delete cookies by following those steps:

  • Click on Tools, then choose Internet Options.
  • in the General tab, in Browsing History, click on the Delete button.
  • in the contextual window, tick « cookies and website data ».
  • Click on the Delete button.

Please note that if you delete cookies, parameters and preferences controlled by these cookies will be deleted as well and will have to be set up again, if necessary.


Mozilla Firefox – Browser commands to disable cookies

  • Click on the menu button and select Options
  • Select the Private Life board.
  • In the History zone, for the option Conservation Rules, choose « use personal parameters for browsing history ».
  • Tick Accept Cookies to enable cookies or untick to disable them.
  • Choose « Never accept third party cookies » to totally disable them.

If, after having chosen this parameter, you notice that you cannot correctly see some of your websites, the immediate solution to this is to choose « from visited websites » in order to enable cookies from already visited websites.


Mozilla Firefox – Browser commands to delete cookies

  • On top of the Firefox window, click on Firefox button, skim the History menu, then select « Delete recent browsing history »…
  • In the scroll menu « Interval to delete », select « all ».
  • Click on the arrow next to « Details » to display the detail of the elements showed in the history.
  • Tick « Cookies » box and make sure that the elements that you wish to keep are not selected.
  • Click on « Remove/Delete now » to delete all cookies and close the window « Delete recent browsing history ».Instructions for other browser are available under the confidentiality statement for each browser.


22 Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. You can prevent cookies from being saved by selecting appropriate parameters in your browser. However, we would like you to be aware that by doing so, you will probably not be able to use all functions of our website.

Data collected thanks to cookies allow us to:

  • Draw statistics on audience in order to better understand your preferences and therefore enhance the content and improve the ergonomics of our websites.
  • Adapt and improve display of our websites depending on what equipment, language or browser you use.
  • Make your future browsing experience on our websites easier by recording, for example, information when you fill in our forms.


When you browse our websites, we collect the following data:

  • Browsing data: visited pages, number of visits, time spent, etc.
  • Demographic data: age bracket, gender, country where you connected, spoken language
  • Interests: affinity categories, market segments
  • Technical data related to your connexion: type of your equipment, its operating system, used browser, etc.

Please note that the collected data is anonymous and does not allow to identify you.

Thanks to all this data, we can offer improvement solutions in order to make browsing on our websites more pleasant.

If you wish to stop the use of your data by Google Analytics files, we kindly invite you to download the browser additional module for disabling Google Analytics available on this page :


33 Questions and contact references

For all queries on personal data policy at Pharmagest Interactive, please contact our marketing department at