IT services for nursing homes

MALTA INFORMATIQUE, PHARMAGEST Group subsidiary, has become an essential service provider in the extremely booming sector of IT for Nursing Homes and entities that host elderly people for day care, for which it has more than a 10% market share.

MALTA INFORMATIQUE has provided 1339 Nursing Homes by December 31, 2005.

By developing its know-how, MALTA INFORMATIQUE, PHARMAGEST Group subsidiary, responds easily to the growing demand of nursing and daycare homes which remain today widely underequipped with efficient IT hardware and software. TITAN, an integrated and modular software suite, allows to bring an efficient and differentiating response to the evolution of the medico-social sector. It is today the only solution on the market capable of providing a complete medication management tool in Nursing Homes.


Investing in R&D is the cornerstone of MALTA INFORMATIQUE activity. All of the modules are subject to regular and frequent professional updates which helped to conceive a mature standard offer.

In 2015, MALTA INFORMATIQUE continues to invest and works on the development of a new module, TITAN WEB ENTOURAGE, aimed at residents, families, carers and confidential counsellors in order to allow Nursing Homes to communicate on their every day activities and patient care. This module is under development and will bring a relevant response to a very high demand of the market.

Today, thanks to the strategy aiming at a high level of customisation, MALTA INFORMATIQUE has become a key actor in the Nursing Homes sector. Its exponential organic growth shows again the interest that the market has for TITAN solutions.

The Solutions for sanitary and medico-social entities Division contributed to PHARMAGEST Group turnover by 6% in 2015.