The French leader in IT services for pharmacies with a 43,5% market share and 9800 clients. Since septembre 2007, the PHARMAGEST Group has also been present in the Northern Europe, in Belgium and Luxembourg, through its subsidiary SABCO. The Division contributes by 87% to the PHARMAGEST Group turnover in 2015.

France Pharmacy Section

The group’s pharmacy management software, LGPI, has been now provided to 9,000 pharmacies in France. It is the 1st software for pharmacies in France and it has been certified by the French standards authority under NF Service « Customer Support » for its Centralised Software Support.

The company has clearly identified the need for pharmacies to sell more and to advise better. In France, the PHARMAGEST Group noticed an increasing trend for self-medication and the prevailing role of the new information and communication technologies and decided to provide solutions that are innovative and adapted to the evolutions of the market.

Because the pharmacist, as a health professional, has to, more than ever, put forward its scientific added value within the scope of his new missions, the PHARMAGEST Group develops solutions aimed at supporting them in their role to advise and inform patients.

Lenovo, Pharmagest partner: Innovation in service of tomorrow’s health

Pioneer in high-tech innovation on private and business markets, Lenovo has been, since 2016, Pharmagest partner for PCs, servers and laptops. This partnership is based on a shared ambition: develop innovation in service of health and invent the pharmacy of tomorrow.

Through this partnership, you benefit from professional solutions which are perfectly adapted to your needs and offer high performances and proved viability. You access the latest technologies developed by Lenovo for PCs for counters, servers, multimedia PCs and laptops.

While the pharmacy sector has to respond to a number of challenges, the ambition of the two companies is to allow you to take up these challenges and accompany you in the digital transformation of your sector.

Pharmacy Section in Belgium and Luxembourg

Innovative on Belgian and Luxembourgish markets, the PHARMAGEST Group offer, provided through its subsidiary SABCO, is available in a range of software adapted to all pharmacies:

  • in Belgium, SABCO® NEW, SABCO® OPTIMUM and SABCO® ULTIMATE software (available in its two main languages, French and Dutch);
  • in Luxembourg, the flagship software OFFICINE 2016.

In addition, the development teams in France and Belgium work closely together to adapt satellite solutions developed by the PHARMAGEST Group to the SABCO software in order to provide a comprehensive offer to Belgian pharmacists.

A new generation robot

The INTECUM company, created in 2008 and Group’s subsidiary, is specialised in the robotisation of pharmacies and in the distribution of medicines in the sales area.

The company has designed the Sellen robot, the first automation system placed at the heart of the pharmacy, instead of the counter. It thus allows to use and make profitable areas which were up to now used for storing several millions of boxes.

A unique innovation which allows all pharmacies today to benefit from the advantages of the automation.