Bringing together around connected health

Since 2012, the e-Health division emphasises PHARMAGEST’s will to encourage interprofessionalism. Our aim: place pharmacists, medication experts and health professionals, at the centre of health coordination services in France. We provide health professionals with connected and secure solutions which are patient-oriented.

With this aim in mind and thanks to our proven expertise in solutions for the health sector, we accompany our partners to:

  • Establish digital communication at their pharmacy,
  • Access our interactive platforms and mobile applications for patient follow-up,
  • Innovate in telesurveillance solutions based on artificial intelligence for a better medical follow-up and diagnosis support
  • Access the Internet of Things throughout the life course of a given population
  • Host and secure their health data thanks to our approved plateforme (HDS)

In order to guarantee the continuum of care, the e-Health division accompanies health ecosystem actors in their digital transformation with tangible projects:

  • Improving care for seniors who are still independent by coordinating doctors, nurses and pharmacists and by securing administration of medication.
    PAERPA Project (Elderly People at the Risk of Loosing their Autonomy) in progress in the Lorrain region
  • Pre-detect and secure care for patients suffering from chronic pathologies with the use of Artificial Intelligence in order to:
    1-  improve health and life quality of the patient
    2- reduce care costs (unplanned hospital admissions and consultations)
    e-Nephro Project: 850 patients to be concerned by the project in the end, 30 Nephrologists supporting the project
  • Secure elderly people’s houses (individual homes or apartment buildings) thanks to our Silver Economy approach by creating solutions which respect daily routines of patients and home care professionals.« 36 months more at home » project: 156 homes equipped up to now in the Lorraine region thanks to the support of CARSAT Nord-est (French health and insurance body for retirees) and Conseil Régional de Lorraine (regional authority for the Lorraine region).

  • Simplify management and sharing of Patient Therapeutic Education Programmes (ETP) by enabling coordination projects between structures facing double requirements:
    1-Quality of care (coordinate and assess the ETP path)
    2-Productivity and traceability (financing at fixed rate or per medical act)
    ETP-Pilot: two Health networks:
    – EduDioV54 programme with 1800 followed patients
    – E’dire programme with 180 followed patients

  • Accompany our industrial partners in global patient care, from the pharmacy to patients’ homes. Encourage therapeutic support by providing pharmacists with services dedicated to caring and compliance.
    Carevitae Programme: more than 644 partner pharmacies and 7000 created files.
  • Accompany and provide care for patients by relying on pharmacists, local health professionals, to pass on the right message at the right time and to the right patient.
    Interactive notifications: average increase in sales by more than 21%
    Display screens: 6000 screens – 1500 equipped pharmacies

Health in numbers

  • 80 million visits every month in pharmacies – or 4 million each day!*
  • 20 billion connected devices and 160 000 mobile applications for health existing today*
  • 11,5 billion saved thanks to the connected health*
  • The top 20 mobile health applications have been downloaded 231 million times (health and well-being)*
  • 66% of dispensing pharmacists declare being ready to sell connected objects – 50% have already sold some** – 40% of patients are ready to use connected objects if they are recommended by their pharmacist***
  • 40% of the French advocate electronic pillbox to fight against non-compliance****

Pharmagest e-Health in numbers

  • More than 80 pharmaceutical companies are our clients
  • 15 years of expertise with the pharmaceutical industry
  • 20,000 patients followed under e-Health projects
  • 200,000 downloads for the mobile health application, Ma Pharmacie Mobile (My Mobile Pharmacy)
  • 98% compliance thanks to DO-Pill